Ft. Zumwalt Panthers continue domination

Coach Bacon’s Ft Zumwalt North Panthers were faced with the task of having to stop one of the nation’s most prolific high school passing attacks in that of the Glendale Falcons. Glendale has scored on average 55 points per game, beating opponents by an average of 32.18 points per game, and were 11-0 headed into Friday night. Stopping a team like that is no small feat. Stopping them the way the Panthers did is a demonstration in coaching excellence and solid team execution, on BOTH sides of the ball. Glendale’s strong passing game may have been their biggest weakness. FZN keyed in, made some adjustments, worked during the week on engaging receivers on the line of scrimmage, focused speed on the edge bringing pressure to the Glendale QB Alex Huston, and got the job done. Last night, Glendale’s Huston threw as many passes to FZN’s Cade Brister as he did TD passes to his own team: 3. Once FZN neutralized Glendale’s passing attack, FZN’s offense had stellar ball control, kept the clock running and grinded down the field, punishing Glendale’s defense….all….game…..long. Late in the game Glendale’s frustration grew into multiple personal foul penalties hurting their cause even more. Much can be said about Cade Brister’s outstanding performance on both sides of the ball. As well as Deiondre Stockton and Jack Ederer. But lets keep in mind the efforts by the Panther’s offensive line through this season: Trevor Olson, Alex Jetton, Nick Rogers, Zak Steele, Nick Williams, and Kader Ndiaye. FZN will have the winner of Battle vs Carthage, which play today at 1pm.

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